Company Profile

Established in 1996, Electronic Systems Support has become a leading manufacturer of reliable battery power solutions for Uninterruptible Power Supply, Telecom/Datacom DC Power Systems and Utility Switch Gear. As a master distributor of market leading battery manufacturers, we stock batteries at significantly reduced pricing. For over 23 years, ESS has been the preferred manufacturer of battery cabinets and racks for many major companies with a global presence.

ESS is centrally located in Garland, Texas. Our state of the art manufacturing equipment is housed in over 149,000 sq.ft. of production space.  We designed our floor space with flexible work cells capable of full turnkey capabilities.  Manufacturing is controlled with detailed process instructions, drawings, routing guides and all special instructions through an ERP software package.

ESS uses the latest technology in metal fabrication and finishing equipment.  Some of our equipment includes a 4KW Fiber Laser with auto loader, new turret punch with auto loader, late model press brakes, two robotic welders and multiple powder coat stations.  In addition, we also use the latest 3D software for designing and simulating new and custom products.  In many instances, this allows us to confidently skip the prototype phase and go straight to production in order to meet the customer’s deadlines.  Our ability to design concepts, fabricate at our own facility, stage, and test complete systems allows us to maintain the highest level of quality control and fastest lead-time in the industry.

Our Commitment to Quality

At ESS, we look continuously improve the quality of our business processes.  We believe this is the only way to be successful, which is why the commitment to our Total Quality Management System is so important.  Our work teams are under the supervision of quality inspectors who consistently check each product’s accuracy and quality.  Quality is only as good as the equipment used to inspect a product.  Which is why ESS uses calibrated measuring tools which can be traced to the National Bureau of Standards.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is defined by our continued business with current customers and opportunities from new ones. We consistently search for feedback from our customers to understand expectations relative to work issues such as lead-times, system capabilities, pricing and responsiveness.